Food supplements have been developed based on 5 main criteria

Compliance with current legislation

All our products have been registered in the departments of the DDPP des Bouches du Rhône in accordance with the procedures provided for in articles 15 and 16 of decree 2006-352. EC regulations 1924/2006 and 432/2012.


We use plants recognized for their properties, we select the most suitable extraction processes and prioritize quality through a rigorous selection of raw materials.

Convenience of use

You should take a minimum of capsules per day, but they contain a maximum of active ingredients.

Systemic properties

Our products are active compounds whose mission is to attack all causes and consequences.

Easy to use

The Nutrisvelt® systemic range meets all the needs of people seeking to improve or maintain their physical well-being. It has been designed to be broken down into topics such as drainage, action on fats, improving traffic, etc.