The BiodyManager web platform is evolutionary, as are its calculation algorithms, which are updated according to the latest publications

For more than 5 years, our software has been in SaaS mode. Our servers are in France and are certified to host health data

Security: secure hosting of health data.

All the data that circulates on the network is encrypted and therefore anonymous.

You are the only one who can access your patient's data.

Versatility and practicality:

The connection between the measuring device, the reading system and the Web can be made on all supports of PC, Mac, Android, IOS. Once your measurement has been recorded, you can view your results anytime, anywhere on any of these media.

Data transmission between colleagues or between institutions:

The data can be anonymized.

Allows remote monitoring of people: Telemedicine, monitoring of athletes.

No obsolescence of our devices:

Instant updates for all our users.