Weight is an interesting value but it doesn´t tell us the basics.

It is the distribution of the body compartments What allows to assess the good balance of an individual.

With BIODY COACH ZM offer your patients an accurate and detailed analysis of their body composition in just 10 seconds.

Thanks to our numerous stories the analysis will be a source of motivation for your patients and you will be able to justify its relevance of your diverse formation programs.

With BIODY COACH ZM you have the most sophisticated tools to personally support your patients.

New Slide en Perfectly adapted ergonomics to gyms and coaches: mobile, connected, lightweight Confidentiality and data security: Web platform with secure medical server (HDS certificate). Measurement in just a few seconds, available on Android and IOS smartphones, tablets, as well as desktop PCs and Macs With option to a food rebalancing software configured based on test results. + + + +

► Why choose BIODY COACH?

  • It is a great tool to recruit prospects.
  • It is a lever for loyalty.
  • It increases your additional income: coaching, food complements, nutritious follow-up etc.
  • Reinforces and gives credibility to the formation plan with quantified data.
  • It is always up to date with the latest breakthroughs with periodic software upgrades.